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Terms & Conditions


By proceeding to book by way of paying a booking fee, you accept that you are entering into a contract for products or services with Laura Holness Bridal and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as outlined below. It is the clients responsibility to read through these terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with the booking.


(All Terms & Conditions apply to all products and services provided by Laura Holness Bridal/Laura Holness Bridal Cosmetology)


  • Reservation fees to secure a wedding date are non-refundable. Wedding dates will need to be secured by paying a booking fee/deposit at the time of booking and by completing the booking information form.

  • Wedding dates and/or appointments work on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Travel charges may apply depending on the location.

  • Wording or clarification to terms and conditions may be updated accordingly.




  • In the event that you need to postpone your wedding or change the date due to exceptional unforeseen circumstances - You will be able to transfer your booking to a single new date free of charge (excluding a small admin fee that may be charged accordingly). Any additional date changes will require a new deposit to secure the date as well as an admin fee if applicable - payments already paid towards the day will also be transferred free of charge). However, your new booking may be subject to a service price increase or change up to date.

  • Date transfers are strictly subject to availability. It is therefore important that you notify Laura Holness Bridal as soon as possible of your intended date options, well in advance of booking the date. Every care will be taken to ensure you are able to transfer your booking, providing the date is available. If not, I will try my best to fit you around any existing bookings if you are able to be flexible with times and if it is possible, but this is not guaranteed. Again, in line with these terms and conditions, you will need to discuss these dates first so we can advise you further before you commit to a specific date elsewhere to ensure availability (this includes committing to dates with venues or registrars).


If you choose to go ahead with a date without checking available dates with us prior or where you are notified there is no availability for a specific date requested, then this is entirely the responsibility of the client and out of the control of Laura Holness Bridal. Please note that our lack of availability through no fault of our own for your new chosen date does not automatically result in a refund as it is the clients responsibility to make sure Laura Holness Bridal can accommodate a new date when it is not part of the original booking date, agreement and contract. However, at the discretion of Laura Holness Bridal another service or date that we can fulfil may be offered on another special occasion where by hair and make up/services may be applied will be considered (up to the amount you have paid towards the day). If you have already had your trial, any further payments may also be non-refundable (Transferable only - up to one free date change).

  • Your new booking may be subject to a service price increase or change up to date.

  • A new booking should not exceed more than two years from the original booking date.

  • Any cancellations or none agreed postponements complying with the above terms and conditions may result in the termination of your contract with Laura Holness Bridal.


Late cancellations


Any late cancellations (not notified prior to 12 weeks before the wedding date) will result in the booking fee being lost and 30% of the final payment being due. If you have already paid the full balance and wish to cancel, you will need to notify Laura Holness Bridal at least 3 months (12 weeks) before your date, in order to qualify for a refund in part. If any further costs are incurred in line with your original booking, the business has the right to retain part of the payment to cover these costs.


Trials, Booking requirements & Payments


  • Trials are usually carried out on weekdays (currently Fridays) but may be arranged at weekends on rare occasion due to unavoidable circumstances at the discretion of Laura Holness Bridal. However, weddings always take priority at the weekends, so it is therefore advised trials are scheduled in the week where possible due to limited availability.

  • Trial appointments or times may need to be rescheduled in the event that it conflicts with a wedding booking. However, in this case, I will try and arrange this around a time most convenient for you. Deposits paid are to hold the wedding date, not trial appointments.

  • Your remaining balance is usually due at the trial once you are happy with everything unless otherwise agreed. There are no payments accepted on the wedding day unless an extra person is mutually agreed to be added on the day itself, time permitting.

  • Any additional people added to the booking prior to the wedding day will need to be paid for in full before the wedding.

  • Any cancellations of people on the original booking form (either booked as part of the trial, wedding day or both) will be payable in full if not notified 12 weeks prior to the wedding day.

  • All bookings are to meet the minimum requirement's before deposits are paid - these details are outlined when a price list is requested. I have the right to cancel a booking at any time if it fails to meet the minimum requirement agreed at the time of booking or if it otherwise conflicts with the terms and conditions as stated.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to notify Laura Holness Bridal at the time of booking if there will be any time restrictions or access problems when it comes to your venue or the place where you plan to get ready on the wedding morning, along with your bridal party. If your venue does not permit you you to arrive at the time needed to facilitate your wedding hair and make up at the recommended time by your make up artist, then an alternative premises will need to be provided by you and agreed for you to start getting ready. In circumstances where this is not possible, you may be offered the option of using our salon (subject to availability) in which you will need to make your own arrangements for transport.

  • An additional wedding may be booked on the same day. Please note that it is not unusual for hair/make up artists to have more than one client booked on the same day, especially over the weekend. Timing will be discussed accordingly and in advance if necessary.

  • Brides who are offered a single booking at the discretion of Laura Holness bridal (subject to availability/surcharge payable) will be booked on the basis that additional bridal bookings may be taken or that the client is willing to fit around an existing booking subject to timing.

  • Payment methods accepted: Cash & BACS (BACS Preferable)


Make up artist/Hair stylist - Service Cancellations


Please be assured that we have never let a bride down on their wedding day due to illness or any other reason in all of our years of trading but we have to legally stipulate conditions in the event of there being any extreme circumstances that may effect our contract.


Cancellations by the makeup artist/hair stylist due to genuine, extreme or unavoidable circumstances including, but not limited to, problems affecting the makeup artists performance or their obligations (severe illness, accidents or otherwise) where no other suitable alternative can be arranged, a refund of any payments made towards the wedding day will be given to the client in due course. If the booking is directly affected by other circumstances beyond the control of the makeup artist including but not limited to severe weather conditions, acts of God, health or safety reasons, where possible the makeup artist will endeavour to rectify such situations as quickly and effectively as possible (i.e recommend another local stylist, offer alternative arrangement for services). However, it is advisable for the client to take out reputable wedding or event insurance to cover yourself financially against these situations as Laura Holness Bridal cannot be liable for circumstances out of its control.


Social media & photography


Unless otherwise specified by the client, any professional or digital photos taken at the trial or on the wedding day may be added to the Laura Holness Bridal website and/or social media. If a professional photographer is hired, the makeup artist may obtain any images to be used for the website/social media unless stated otherwise. It is up to the client to notify Laura Holness Bridal against any restrictions involving the use of third party photography.


Contact Information & Confidentiality


All personal details taken by Laura Holness Bridal will be strictly kept confidential and safely stored on file for the purpose of the booking only. If you have any questions or concerns relating to your booking at any time, Laura Holness Bridal is not at liberty to discuss this with any other third party on your behalf or obligated to respond to any correspondence other than from the client who the contract is formed with at the time of booking. It is also not permitted for clients to share any personal information given by Laura Holness Bridal with any other third party unless permission is obtained.


Products & Responsibilities of the client


Prior to the trial, it is the responsibility of the client to inform the makeup artist of any known skin sensitivity to products or any other concerns that may affect the use of any equipment or products; all details are treated as confidential. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. Where possible, the makeup artist will endeavour to select products that will suit your skin type according to the information you have provided, however the makeup artist is not liable for any adverse reactions to products used. If the client or party feel they require a patch test for any products, this will need to be arranged in advance of the trial or wedding day by the client and charged according to the agreed fee.




For further information please contact:

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