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*Trials at our private studio are by appointment only. 



Do I have to have trials for all of my bridesmaids or bridal party? 

 It largely depends upon you personally, and how meticulous you are with timing and accuracy. Having a trial for everyone ensures we know how long everything will take on the day itself, so we can schedule the morning precisely. Everyone’s hair varies in length and thickness so if your bridesmaids have very different hair types and are not all having the same hair style then a trial would definitely be recommended, as this can have an impact on the time it may individually take to get someone ready. Please also bare in mind that if some of your bridesmaids have particularly sensitive skin or other skin concerns/conditions, it is better to work out what make up will work for them before the day. It will also give us time to try more than one brand if necessary.
 Additionally it is worth keeping in mind if you decide not to have trials for everyone, that I do allow for a little extra time on the day for each person (purpose of extra charge) and try to judge it accordingly before hand as best I can. However there may be a slight increased risk that any artist may have to work faster to get everyone ready on time although this is often avoided by careful planning by the use of questions prior to the day. 

In any case it is usually compulsory for the bride to have a trial unless exceptional circumstances prevent this (i.e. The bride lives abroad/time doesn't permit).

What time will you start on the wedding day?

It is generally difficult to answer this question for certain prior to the trial, as the answer can vary depending on how may people there are for hair and make up, and what styles are chosen. I will time the entire session at the trial and take into account other members of the bridal party as accurately as possible by obtaining more information at the time. Just to give you a guide, it usually takes around 45 mins per person for both hair and make up with more natural make up/hair styles but it just depends - sometimes it can be less time or a little longer. There are lots of things to take into account such as style, hair texture, thickness, length and skin type etc. Please note that with my years of experience I am able to time things very accurately.

FAQ'S Related to COVID-19

If I need to postpone my wedding, will I get a refund?

In short, fees to reserve your date are non-refundable but are completely transferable as are any further payments you make towards the wedding day cost/s. You can transfer your booking to a new available date at no extra charge for the first date change although a small admin fee of £25.00 may be requested. In order to transfer your date, in the event that you do need to postpone, you will need to check availability with us individually before committing to a new date with other suppliers including venues and registrars, in line with our terms and conditions. This enables us to ensure availability for you. Please read our full terms and conditions for a full description of the cancellation or postponement policy. We always endeavour to do the very best we can to accommodate your new booking. 

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